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Small Groups



Small Groups

"The church organized into small groups to evangelize the lost, equip the saved, and provide fellowship to meet individual needs."

Small groups of people who are the same gender and approximately the same age meet together each Sunday morning at 9.00am with the goal of growing spiritually in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. 

Lesson Schedule

Date September 26, 2021 Lesson Title The Rise of God’s Leader Book Exodus 2
Date October 3, 2021 Lesson Title Moses is Called into Service Book Exodus 3
Date October 10, 2021 Lesson Title Moses, The Reluctant Leader Book Exodus 4
Date October 17, 2021 Lesson Title Pharaoh’s Boldness Book Exodus 5-7
Date October 24, 2021 Lesson Title The Plagues of God Book Exodus 8-10
Date October 31, 2021 Lesson Title The Passover Book Exodus 11-12:36
Date November 7, 2021 Lesson Title Israel Moves Out in Faith Book Exodus 12:37-13:16
Date November 14, 2021 Lesson Title God Leads His People with Power Book Exodus 13:17-14:31
Date November 21, 2021 Lesson Title The Song of the Redeemer Book Exodus 15:1-21
Date November 28, 2021 Lesson Title The Longsuffering Love of God Book Exodus 15:22-17:7
Date December 5, 2021 Lesson Title The Lord is My Banner Book Exodus 17:8-16
Date December 12, 2021 Lesson Title Jethro Gives Wise Counsel Book Exodus 18
Date December 19, 2021 Lesson Title God Comes Down Book Exodus 19


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