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Small Groups


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Small Groups

"The church organized into Small Groups (Sunday School) to evangelize the lost, equip the saved, and provide fellowship to meet individual needs."

Small groups of people who are the same gender and approximately the same age meet together each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. with the goal of growing spiritually in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. 

Lesson Schedule

Date March 26, 2023 Lesson Title Missionaries Sent Out Book Missions 101
Date April 2, 2023 Lesson Title The Heart of Missions Book Missions 101
Date April 9, 2023 Lesson Title Sermon Preparation Book Sermon on the Mount
Date April 16, 2023 Lesson Title True Happiness Book Matthew 5:1-12
Date April 23, 2023 Lesson Title Salt & Light Book Matthew 5:13-16
Date April 30, 2023 Lesson Title Phony Righteousness Exposed Book Matthew 5:17-20
Date May 7, 2023 Lesson Title Matters of the Heart Book Matthew 5:21-26
Date May 14, 2023 Lesson Title Respecting Women and Cherishing a Wife Book Matthew 5:27-32; 19:1-12
Date May 28, 2023 Lesson Title Love Your Enemies Book Matthew 5:43-48
Date June 4, 2023 Lesson Title The Nature of Righteousness Book Matthew 6:1-18
Date June 11, 2023 Lesson Title First Things First Book Matthew 6:19-34
Date June 18, 2023 Lesson Title Judges with Eye Trouble Book Matthew 7:1-12
Date June 25, 2023 Lesson Title Fruit Inspectors Book Matthew 7:13-23
Date July 2, 2023 Lesson Title House Building Book Matthew 7:24-29


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