Leadership Training

David Young - Session
Amanda Sizemore - Shelby Training PowerPoint Slides

True Woman 201

Introduction & Element One
     Lesson Preview by Pam Noblit
Element Two: Honor
     Lesson Preview by Shirley Bickley
Element Three: Affection
     Lesson Preview by Katie Leigh Shirey
Element Four: Discipline
     Lesson Preview by Liz Shirey
Element Five: Virtue
     Lesson Preview by Margo Bailey

Element Six: Responsibility
     Lesson Preview by Allison McAlister
Element Seven: Benevolence
     Lesson Preview by Michelle Thomas

Element Eight: Disposition
     Lesson Preview by Lynda Pounders

Element Nine: Legacy
     Lesson Preview by Juanita Wheeles
Element Ten: Beauty
Lesson Preview by Pam Noblit

Act Like Men

Lesson 1 - Crossing the Bridge When We Get There
     Lesson Preview by David Young
Lesson 2 - Lies Men Believe About God
     Lesson Preview by David Young
Lesson 3 - Lies Men Believe About Themselves
     Lesson Preview by Mark Tucker
Lesson 4 - Lies Men Believe About Sin
     Lesson Preview by Reese Shirey
Lesson 5 - Lies Men Believe About Sexuality
     Lesson Preview by Terry Thomas
Lesson 6 - Lies Men Believe About Marriage & Familiy
     Lesson Preview by Mike Clark
Lesson 7 - Lies Men Believe About Work & Wealth
     Lesson Preview by Jody Kiel
Lesson 8 - Lies Men Believe About Circumstances
Lesson 9 - Lies Men Believe About the World
Lesson 10 - Countering Lies with the Truth
     Lesson Preview by David Young

Peacemaker Lesson Outlines

Lesson 1: Introduction - October 27
Lesson 2 – November 3
Lesson 3 – November 10
Lesson 4 – November 17
Lesson 5 – November 24

The church body at Grace Life is divided into small groups of people who are approximately the same age and gender who meet together each Sunday morning at 9:00 with the goal of growing spiritually in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Small Groups provide an opportunity for each and every member of our congregation to serve the Lord and use their gifts to make an impact for the glory of God through the local church.

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