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Ali McLachlan


Grace Baptist Partnership Scotland

Ali McLachlan is the church-planting pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Edinburgh, and Associate General Secretary of Grace Baptist Partnership working alongside Barry King. Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh has a population of half a million people. Grace Baptist Church, Edinburgh, is a multicultural congregation from all over the world.

Before commencing his present work in 2011, Ali served as a missionary in Yemen. He was also a pastor in Liverpool, England, and Ayrshire, Scotland.

Training, advising, and developing church planting strategy and revitalization across the UK and into Europe is the main thrust of his work. By God's grace, Ali has helped train leaders and assist church plants in Edinburgh, Govan, Aberdeen, and Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Ali is married to Caroline, and they have 5 children, one married and living in Florence, Alabama.

Barry King


Grace Baptist Partnership United Kingdom

Barry King is the General Secretary of Grace Baptist Partnership in the United Kingdom. He and his wife Frances, along with their children, have served there since 2003. The mission of Grace Baptist Partnership is to grow leaders, plant churches, and reach nations by assisting churches in the planting of more churches. So far, there are nine churches in the partnership with opportunities to add more.

He also serves his local church, Dunstable Baptist Church, as pastor alongside three other elders.






Charlie Rampfumedzi


Christ Seminary, Polokwane, South Africa

Charlie Rampfumedzi is married to Beauty, and they have three children, Ronewa (which means Given), Mulanga-muswa (which means New Covenant), and Mundalamo (which means Everlasting). 

Charlie serves as principal and fellow pastor at Christ Seminary, which is the ministry of Christ Baptist Church. They are committed to 2 Timothy 2:2 which states: “entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

The Seminary was established in 1997 with the sole purpose of training and equipping African pastors for pastoral ministry in South Africa and Africa at large. Currently, more than 200 African pastors have graduated. They are serving as pastors, church planters, missionaries, and chaplains in at least sixteen African countries. 

Kwacha Simwaka


Christ Seminary, Polokwane, South Africa

Kwacha Simwaka was born and raised in Malawi, Africa. At the age of eighteen, he attended a youth camp where he was saved through the preaching of the gospel. This transformation generated a desire to begin sharing the gospel with others. After realizing the call to the ministry, he pursued theological training at Christ Seminary in South Africa. Upon finishing his studies at Christ Seminary, he decided to go to The Master's Seminary for further pastoral training.

While attending seminary, he served with student ministries at Grace Community Church where he met his wife, Amanda. The Simwakas have four daughters—Shirley, Charlotte, Magnolia, and Violet.

They currently serve with Christ Baptist Church and Christ Seminary located in the northern part of South Africa. Christ Seminary is an institution that focuses on training local pastors both in South Africa and across the African continent. Kwacha's role in this pastoral training involves teaching and mentoring students. His involvement at Christ Baptist Church includes shepherding young adults and children's ministry.

Peter Joshua Abutu


Trinity Baptist Church, Nigeria

Peter Joshua Abutu is married to Joy Abutu. They have four children: Blessing, John, and twins Uyo and Uya.

Here's a brief excerpt from his testimony.

"I sensed the call to ministry in the year 2008 in my former denomination and was cleared for pastoral duties and was given a Church. About a year into it I began to have doubts especially as it relates to many unfulfilled specific words of Prophecies, and began questioning some of our unbiblical practices.

"By God’s design my path came across some British preachers from the Grace Baptist Mission (GBM) and through them a sound theological training was given me both at European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) and the London Seminary. After my training I went to Zambia in the year 2017 for ministerial internship at Kabwata Baptist Church. After much prayer, I had inward convictions. I was sent back as a missionary to my home country, Nigeria, to plant a biblical church that stands in the Reformed convictions and was ordained for it in March 2018. The name of the church I am planting is Trinity Baptist Church."

Daniel Shwe


Grace Baptist Church, North Watford, United Kingdom

Daniel Shwe is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in North Watford, a town and borough in Hertfordshire, England, situated 20 miles northwest of central London. It is within the bounds of the M25 Motorway. The population is around 95,000 and around 30% have no religious affiliation. The borough is separated from Greater London to the south by the urbanized parish of Watford Rural in the Three Rivers District. North Watford is situated between Central Watford and Garston.

Most of Grace Baptist Church's services have 12-13 different nationalities represented. 

David Miller


Line Upon Line Ministries, Arkansas

David Miller has been preaching more than 50 years. He has been in full-time evangelism since 1995 with Line Upon Line Ministries. David prefers the title “Country Preacher at Large.” He resides in Heber Springs, Arkansas, with Glenda, his wife of more than 50 years. His son Josh is married to Bethany. He also has a grandson, Malachi.

David is an avid hunter of deer and elk and loves being outdoors.

Juan Tacsa


Grace Life Church, Aiza, Tupe, and Colca, Peru

Pastor Juan Tacsa has served as a church planter/pastor with Anchored in Truth Ministries for more than 15 years. He serves in the mountains of Peru working with the Jaqaru people in the villages of Aiza, Tupe, and Colca. His ministry includes evangelism, teaching, preaching, and personal discipleship. He currently pastors the believers in these three villages while at the same time training up leaders from among them to continue the work in the future. Pastor Juan also serves the churches at the base of the mountains by providing teaching and discipleship.

One of the special aspects of Pastor Juan's ministry is his ministry to the children in the villages where he serves. Pastor Juan devotes a lot of his time to teaching the young children God's Word through Bible lessons and songs, planting the seeds of the Gospel in their hearts.

Juan is married to Vivian, and they have a daughter named Damaris.

Max Bartkowski


Grace Baptist Church, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Max Bartkowski is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, University, and Warsaw Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to entering full-time ministry in 2011, Max worked as a Trade Marketing Manager at T-Mobile, Poland. He and his wife, Agnes, have two children, John and Adam. Max has served in Polish Baptist Union churches for four years. In 2015 he moved with his family to Dublin (Ireland) to support his mother-in-law who was diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemotherapy. He stayed there for one year and was trying to reach Polish emigrants in cooperation with the local church.

As he was planning to come back to Poland he was praying and seeking guidance from the Lord on how they could best serve Him. Max came to the conviction that he must plant an independent, biblical church in Poland. As he had never planted a church before, he needed to seek training. God, in His provision, connected him with Grace Baptist Partnership, and he moved with his family to Edinburgh (Scotland) to learn from Pastor Ali McLachlan.

Max was trained and sent with his family as a missionary by Grace Baptist Church, Edinburgh, to Bydgoszcz in July 2017. Grace Baptist Church Bydgoszcz was constituted in November 2019.  

Ryan King


Grace Baptist Church, Wood Green, United Kingdom

Ryan King came to a realization that he was a sinner and trusted in Christ for salvation at a young age, calling out to Jesus to forgive him in a small town parking lot in Arkansas. Coupled with that conversion came a calling to proclaim Christ and lead his people as a pastor in a missionary context. Ryan moved with his family to London, England, in 2003. He was part of the February 2004 library-hall church plant that ultimately became Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green, an urban town center in Haringey (one of London’s 33 boroughs) with a high population density and great ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity. Grace Baptist Church is committed to local church discipleship, local area evangelism and community engagement, associational fellowship, and international missions. The church has been heavily involved in planting, replanting, and revitalizing churches in a range of contexts. The congregation called Ryan to be assistant pastor of the church in 2010, and as pastor in 2013.

Alongside local ministry, Ryan works with Grace Baptist Partnership as team leader for Grace Baptists in Europe – an initiative to partner with local churches across Europe in leadership training, discipleship, evangelism, and church planting. He is also district secretary for the central district of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (SE), which involves facilitating and leading associational activities, providing encouragement and support, and promoting pastoral renewal and local church reform among seven London churches. Ryan enjoys free time with his wife and wider family, reading books, watching films, and exploring the city and continent. He studied theology at Highland Theological College - University of the Highlands and Islands in Dingwall, Scotland, completing his degree with a dissertation on the early English Baptist contribution to religious liberty of conscience. He is married to Uliana, whom he met while speaking at an Effective Evangelism Conference in Ukraine.

Sonny Simak


Grace Church, Southall, United Kingdom

"My name is Sonny Simak, and I pastor Grace Church Southall in West London, UK. I was born in Punjab, India, to a Hindu family and moved to the UK in 2001 with my parents. The Lord saved me in 2007-08 while I was studying Chemistry at University in London. I married Sarita in 2012. Sarita too was born and brought up by a Hindu family in Southall.

"I became involved in church planting in Southall in 2010 while I kept my secular job. I was able to leave my full-time job and took the role of an evangelist in 2013. The church plant then was constituted as the local church in late 2015. The church then called me to be their pastor in early 2016.

"Southall is known as mini-India and has about 28,000 residents. It is one of the most religious towns in the UK. People come from various faiths such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and other spiritual groups. There are several other denominational churches in Southall too. Due to the ‘migrant’ nature of our town, therefore, Christians are often on the move in search of better jobs and living. The church membership is something most folks struggle to grasp.

"We would, therefore, appreciate your prayers for the growth in both number and spiritual maturity in the life of the local church. We need mission-minded people who can understand the needs of this dark place and serve the Lord with much passion, love, and boldness.

Mwindula Mbewe


Hillview Baptist Church, Chalala, Zambia

Mwindula Mbewe is pastor of Hillview Baptist Church. Chalala is a large middle to upper class residential area in the southeastern part of the captial city of Zambia. Middle aged to older couples with their families have bought land and built houses there while most young professionals settle there finding homes to rent. Most of the houses are gated, and it is difficult to get into contact with residents who are busy with their own lives.

Their current strategy is to come up with events that would interest them such as couples and women’s meetings dealing with pertinent issues and children’s conferences and men’s breakfasts. They hope that as the community comes out to these events they can get their contacts and forge relationships with them to create an occasion to share the Gospel.

Conrad Mbewe


Kabwata Baptist Church - Internship Program

Conrad Mbewe is pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. As a part of the ministry there, the church has an internship program for the training and sending out of church planters and missionaries.

Currently, these are the men taking part in the internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church:

Emmanuel Mukisa, Felix Nalumino, Million Kambuli, and Brian Bwalya

Timoteo Ogatis


Anchored In Truth Director of Southeast Asia, Manila, Philippines

Timoteo Ogatis is the pastor of Grace Life Church, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. We first became acquainted with Pastor Tim when he attended the annual True Church Conference at Grace Life Church of the Shoals. It was soon evident that he was a like-minded brother who shared our desire to plant biblically healthy churches. Since then, we have begun a partnership with him and his church. He has trained pastors in his church and sent them out to pastor church plants in Southeast Asia including, Santa Rosa, Novaliches, and Cabanatuan, Philippines, as well as, Macau, China, and Singapore, Malaysia. 

He also oversees the Anchored In Truth Bible College in Quezon City.